Health GIS

Mapping Mental Health and CVDs in Central Savanah River Area (CSRA)

Working with collaborators from Georgia Prevention Institute, Department of Medicine at Medical College of Georgia, our team will map geographic variations in mental health and cardiovascular diseases, revealing health disparities in Central Savanah River Area, an 18-county area in Georgia and South Carolina. The project will develop GIS models to estimate healthcare access and healthy living conditions and investigate their impact on mental health and CVD outcomes.

Traffic Safety

Using GIS techniques and network-based models, our research identified road segments along Buford Highway in Atlanta where pedestrians were more likely to be severely injured or killed during pedestrian-vehicle collisions.

Crossing not at crosswalk and intoxication present significant risks.

Unsafe built environment factors, such as the lack of medians, contributed to pedestrians' severe injuries or deaths.

Our research have been reported in Journal of Transport Geography, Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, and Applied Geography.