10/6/2023: our members Kelly and Sumya won the sustainability awards in Georgia State University Graduate Conference. Congrats!

3/7/2023: Dr. Dai, his community researchers, and collaborators presented their radon research, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, at the 2003 National Environmental Justice Conference in DC. 

12/17/2022: our team member Stephen Wegmann obtained his master degree after his research: Developing a digital storytelling process to translate the findings of NOAA's hurricane supplemental social and behavioral science projects. On the right is his picture with our community partner, Mrs. Gwen Smith doing radon survey.

8/22/2022: Dr. Dai is a part of a team with Purdue University that recently received a $2.8 million R01 grant from the NIH to study tetrachloroethylene (PCE) exposure in Indiana. PCE is a widely used industrial solvent for dry cleaning and metal degreasing and in the aerospace industry. GIS is an important tool to understand PCE exposure and its impact. 

5/21/2022: our team member Daniel Prendergast was cutting his cake when the group celebrated his graduation from Georgia State University. Bachelor degree in hand! Well done!

4/27/2022: the latest publication from our research in Science of the Total Environment: Neighborhood characteristics of low radon testing activities: A longitudinal study in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Using 25 years of indoor radon screening data, the research highlighted the need in residentially segregated communities to increase radon educational and testing campaign. 

The article can be access freely before 6/16/2022 by clicking here or through Contact us page. 

4/25/2022: our team member Eunhee Kim successfully defended her thesis: Exploring the impact of geology, housing characteristics and season on indoor radon. Thanks to the committee members Dr. Paulo Hidalgo (Geosciences) and Dr. Christine Stauber (School of Public Health). She also received admission to University of Texas at Dallas for her doctoral program in Geospatial Information Sciences. Congrats Eunhee.

4/22/2022: our team member Laurel won second place in GSU Undergraduate Research Conference in the area of Applied Research and Entrepreneurship. Way to go Laurel!

3/5/2022: our team started the pilot survey on a beautiful Saturday in the community. This is the project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to test indoor radon collaborating with our community partners. 

Right: Laurel is taking notes in the field.